How to Display Yelp Reviews on your WordPress Site

Do you want to display Yelp reviews on your site? Yelp reviews are user reviews about the restaurants, brands, services, lifestyle products, hospitals, doctors and more. In this article, we will show you how to display Yelp reviews on your WordPress site for users to read general public reviews. Why You Should Display Yelp Reviews on Your Site? Yelp is a public-based reviews website. It has reviews and ratings on local businesses from experienced users. These reviews and ratings are helpful for the new visitors to get a word from someone who already used the particular product or service. Don’t have a Yelp Business page yet? Click here to Claim Your Yelp Business Page. Like the Facebook page reviews for your business, Yelp reviews also reassure stability of your brand or service to the new visitors. However, the difference is...

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