How to Add Your WordPress Site in Yandex Webmaster Tools

Do you want to connect your website to Yandex webmaster tools? Webmaster tools like search engine console from Google and Bing webmaster help you optimize your site, monitor the traffic, manage robot.txt, check site errors and more. In this article, we will share how to add your WordPress site in Yandex webmaster tools to monitor your search engine traffic. What is Yandex? Yandex is a popular search engine like Google and Bing based in Russia. You can optimize your site for SEO in Yandex to get more visitors from Russia. Yandex has a range of tools like generalized search engine, image search, email, videos, maps and more. It also has webmaster tools to help you rank your site, monitor traffic stats, search queries, keywords, and more. You can connect your WordPress site with Yandex using the Yoast SEO plugin. It...

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